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Welcome Travelers    

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Who are we ?  BARBARIANS

What is our cause ? To use brute barbarian tactics to control the lands and defend our homeland.

What server ?  PVP - RP 

 What timezone ? - Open

Age ? Mostly 25-50 but as long as you are 18+ and mature you are welcome.

What is our playstyle ? Fierce with a very solid structure. With more than 10 yrs experience leading guilds our leader knows how to get the job done and show  an experience unlike any other guild. In most titles except EvE and AC2 Darktide we have been laid back but Conan means WAR.

What do we want ?  We want driven barbaric fighters !!! Join the slaughter with us and above all enjoy what we have set up here =)

Are you on Ventrillo ?  Yes it will be set up on the 20th of Apriland we will start bringing in people to meet them before launch.

Note - If you are out there and interested in being more to a guild than just another number this is the place for YOU. Be a major part in our success.


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Welcoming those from Lotro and DDO to take up arms with us in AoC !
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Age of Conan    
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We look forward to the Slaughter!

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This is our peace talk !


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Run into this ranger and your in for one helluva flashback

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Potential Barbarians step on in and have a drink on us !.......Thirsty Wolf Saloon !

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You see smoke clouds off in the distance of cascading mountain ridges as dusk quickly approaches and you have yet to make camp. Tired hungry and thirsty from your long journey you take a knee and pull out some water skin and rations that consist of dried meat sticks from your satchel. Wolfing it down and enjoying every last bite of your last stick you are very focused and curious about the clouds of smoke above that darn mountain ridge. You stand up knowing you really should make camp now before it gets too dark but something is driving you forward as if there is some great magnetic pull of the earth directing your way. Pulling out your fur hide and strapping it on since the heat is dying down you also check your blade making sure it is securely strapped around your waist in its belt. The blade was given by your elders and is engraved with a red gem in the center handle being sharp as razor claws it has never let you down. It makes you feel very secure. In your mind you keep repeating to yourself over and over what is my purpose for this journey and is it safe. The other half of your conscience mind kicks in and roars with shut up already and just keep going you have nothing back home to live for. Your home was savagely destroyed.


1) You are now at a crossroads in your decision… You have reached the tree line at the base of the mountain but can see no smoke. You are sure close however it is fully dark out and there is no moon shining on your path, you are tired and wish to rest and set up camp gaining better vision in the day. Set up camp now?


2) You are now at a crossroads in your decision… You are tired and basically confused about the path you should take. It is very dark out but you are pretty convinced this is the direction of that smoke cloud. You hear nothing ahead of you directly but the howl of wolves off in the distance surrounds you. To the west you are amazed to notice what seems to be a flicker of dim light barely seen through the thick trees… Travel west?


3) You are now at a crossroads in your decision… To the east after listening closer you actually hear faint voices human in nature. You are unable to make out any meaning behind the sounds. You crouch on one side of a mossy tree leaning into the sound trying your hardest to make out a sentence or at least the tone of the voices ahead to gage your own safety. You grab a hold of your lucky silver pendant giving it a rub while feeling the engraved gem embedded in it with the shape of a cobra snake… hmm… Travel East?

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the adventure and welcome to the guild.

Defend with Might    

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Barbarians take up arms with us and help defend our homeland

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Help us ravage our enemies homelands and take their riches !

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Enjoy exciting questing and adventure with the Wolves.

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Guild News    

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I want to thank everyone for doing a fantastic job. We had a great time in ddo and many memories will stay with us. It is now time to move on to Age of Conan

Ironwolf is a guild that is dedicated to being one of the best. We are goal orientated and a brotherhood in arms. We are highly organized and always looking to enhance the experience through good hard questing and friendship. Thank you.  I.W.

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Learn all about the characters and classes... Here

Story of how we came to exist ... Our thirst for Revenge

Our Barbaric Roster ... Roster
Assassins Creed    
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Barbarian Contacts    
Barbaric Successor and excellent cook
Master Ironwolf (Master Ironwolf)
Barbaric Leader
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